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Alcohol Policy as Catalyst for Sustainable Development. Understanding alcohol as obstacle to development and advancing evidence-based solutions

CANCELLED BY ORGANISERS - Unfortunately this event is no longer taking place

NCD Advocacy Institute - applying insights from across NCD prevention to promote alcohol policy change 

  • Contact: Lucy Westerman, NCD Alliance,

  • Time: Thursday March 12, 2020 – half day – 09:00 - 12:30.

  • Open to all GAPC participants.

  • Venue: The Winter Hall, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, 6 Kildare Street, Dublin 2. 

With 2020 an important juncture for global alcohol policy, a strong, mobilised, coherent and coordinated civil society will contribute to effectively advocating for policy change globally and in countries. This half-day NCD Advocacy Institute workshop will strengthen the knowledge and skills of participants to engage in effective advocacy drawing on insights from across NCD prevention and control. The workshop will provide tips for campaign planning & strategising; will share examples and lessons learned from across the NCD movement - particularly those relevant from advocacy on other NCD risk factors in different countries; and will help prime action at country level with activities including strategic stakeholder and opportunity mapping, identification of advocacy targets and objectives, skills to communicate with decision makers, and tools to hold governments to account for commitments, as well as to recognise and manage interests at odds with public health objectives. The workshop will also provide participants with resources and tools to support advocacy for stronger alcohol control policies and implementation of WHO’s SAFER technical package for alcohol control.

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Monitoring and Evaluation of Policy - International Alcohol Control Policy Evaluation Study

  • Contact: Perihan Torun, Turkish Green Crescent Society,

  • Time: Thursday March 12, 2020 – half day 13:00 - 16:00.

  • Open to all GAPC participants. 

  • Venue: Bedford Hall, Dublin Castle, Dublin 2. 

The International Alcohol Control Study (the IAC study) is the first ever international study of alcohol use and alcohol policy relevant behaviours. The overall objective is to measure the impacts of national or state level alcohol control policies. Two tools have been developed as part of the IAC study. One is a general population survey of alcohol consumption and policy relevant behaviour. The second is the Alcohol Environment Protocol (AEP) which provides an online tool to document legislation and impact on the ground of alcohol policies. This latter tool provides a relatively inexpensive way for countries to monitor policy change over time and compare their alcohol policy status with other countries.

The side event aims to present an overview of the findings of the IAC study and discuss their use as evidence to support advocacy for policy change.

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Vital Role of Youth in the Advocacy for Alcohol Prevention and Control

CANCELLED BY ORGANISERS - Unfortunately this event is no longer taking place

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