Guide for Side Events

The Global Alcohol Policy Conference (GAPC) 2020 is the leading forum for the world’s alcohol policy makers, advocates, researchers, civil society activists and practitioners. The event offers the opportunity to bring together conference delegates from around the world for Side Events for one day before and one day after the main conference program. Side Events allow for alternative meeting formats such as workshops, informal dialogues and seminars and are branded by the co-organisers of the Side Events.

Criteria and guidelines

  • Organisers of Side Events are asked to sponsor  a minimum of two participants from low- and middle income countries (LMIC) to speak at  the Side Event and participate in the main conference (LMIC registration fee, travel and accommodation)

  • The Global Alcohol Policy Alliance and GAPC co-hosts encourage Side Events from organisations involved in alcohol policy or similar relevant fields of work.

  • Non-governmental organisations, research institutions and government departments without conflict of interest[1] may organise side events on Sunday 8 March or Thursday 12 March.

  • The Side Event may be a half day or full day event, open to all interested delegates or a closed meeting limited to a certain constituency.


Logistics and procedures

  • A limited number of rooms will be available at the conference venue and other venues free of charge on 12 March. Further rooms are available at a cost for the organisers. Any costs for catering and extras such as audio visual equipment need be covered by the Side Event’s organiser.

  • Side Event organisers are requested to send the form here indicating the type of side meeting (open or closed), the topic, the expected number of participants, sponsorship of LMIC participants and the name and email of the person responsible for the side meeting to Professor Sally Casswell, Chair, Programme Committee

  • Applications for the free meeting rooms should be submitted before 1 December 2019. Notice of assigned rooms will be given before 15 December.

  • The GAPC 2020 Programme Committee will assign rooms for Side Events based on availability, relevant topics, expected number of participants and the required room setup.

  • Brief information on Side Events may be made available on the conference website, however, the Organiser is responsible for marketing the Side Event.


[1] Not receiving any funding from or providing in-kind services or support to alcohol companies or their subsidiaries, agents, Social Aspect Organisations or consultants.

For any queries please email: or call +353 1 6486 130